My Last day at the Sago New Material Guitars

  • 2009/11/10(火) 23:15:41

Today I worked last time in this workshop. There are many serious reasons, to move back to Hungary but we decided, we will continue the collective work together.
Thank you for everyone for watching my blog. I hope You enjoyed to see my work.
And thanks to the staffs and the director,to Mr Takayama. Thank you all of your helps, and for the teaching. Thank you Guys!

Back to Amagasaki

  • 2009/11/09(月) 23:19:44

So, the 2009 Musical Instruments Fair Japan is finished. We moved back to the workshop and the work have to be continuing. This is that body, what I started to carve in Yokohama.
I just have to finish and carve the fine details.

This quilted top is so dificult to carve.

But it's so beautyfull

fret work